Risk averse investment:


Cooperation with talented entrepreneurs, accelerating and forming our contracting party companies and furtherance of business ideas toward operational stage are our core missions in AKT investment holding. To achieve the aforementioned goals, all beneficiaries benefit and interests are considered and a professional and adept team of investment consultants will review and process all the provided plans and ideas with the aim of maximum fulfillment of their potential capacity. Having the business plans finalized, our vast amenities and equipment in market will make it possible to access great networks being presented in start-up eco-system.
Monitoring procedure will be exclusively done for any individual case and exclusive feedbacks for formation of the start-up idea will be provided.
Our ideal contracting party costumers are the market’s products and services that have the most outcome and efficiency in a definite period of time. All cases of idea will be kept secret and confidential and at the same time will regularly be checked and reviewed by our consultants.
Aiming at admission to modern investment approaches domain, AKT will back any novel and new business ideas. To fulfill this aim, AKT will invite any start-up which is certified by official accelerating centers in Iran to collaborate and send their ideas and plans to this company to be analyzed in our investment committee.
Besides, taking AKT holding’s 25 years of experience in production, investment and international commerce into account, the company succeeded in identification of the country’s investment needs. Therefore we need clear-sighted people and great thinkers who possess the ability of analyzing the opportunities and presenting the ideas to fill the gaps and satisfy Iran market’s requirements. So AKT is willing to cooperate with start-ups and teams that are full of novel ideas in the following domains:
  • Investment in developing start-ups
  • Presentation of business plans and models with start-up approach especially in the following domains:

Petroleum, gas and petrochemical

Health industry and health tourism

Fashion and beauty industry

Housing and estate

Food and drink industry