Iran is considered to be one of the most prosperous countries in terms of mineral resources. Iron ore is one of Iran’s major minerals. With 25 years of experience in doing business with neighboring countries sharing borders with Iran and Eurasian countries, Arian Kala Toos aims to achieve constant exports by focusing on supplying iron ore and related products, such as steel and rebar, from reputable companies. As one of the main buyers of iron foundries in Iran, AKT Holding is ready to export minerals and their processed goods, such as steel, rebar, profiled steel, etc.

Iron ore

Iron ore is one of the most abundant metallic elements on earth, and Iran is one of the richest countries in terms of mineral assets, with 68 kinds of minerals, placing it among the top 10 global mining powers. Iran is also the largest producer and exporter of iron ore in the Middle East. Common iron ore minerals include hematite (Fe2O3), which contains 70% iron, and magnetite (Fe3O4), which contains 72% iron. Magnetite is black in color and has magnetic properties, hence it’s called stone magnet. Hematite is also dark red or bright red, and its main usage is in iron extraction, with its powder being used in paint and stainless steel production. This group is able to supply and export both magnetite and hematite iron ore from the best and highest quality mines in bulk packaging.


Barite is a natural compound of barium sulfate, also known as Heavy Spar. Iran is the largest barite producer in the Middle East and has rich and high-quality resources of this product, which can promote its position as the main exporter of barite in the region. Barite is an industrial mineral with many uses in the industry, with about 90% of the world production used in the drilling industry and other industrial and medical applications. It is mainly used as filler in the preparation of drilling mud, in the manufacture of tires, high-quality paper, cables, plastics, paints, ceramics, transparent glass, porcelain industry, and more. AKT Holding can provide and export the best type of barite in jumbo bag packaging.

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