AKT Holding has established itself as a reputable company in the industry, built on 25 years of outstanding international experience in the trade of petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemicals and chemicals, minerals and construction materials. Utilizing a global perspective, a robust logistics infrastructure and a network of regional offices, Toos Palace Company has expanded its scope of activities from import and export management to investment in related industries and production across Eurasia, East Asia and Europe, solidifying its presence in the global market. Among its notable business achievements, the company has successfully completed numerous export projects to various countries such as Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. These projects include the export of millions of tons of cement, petrochemicals, LPG, petrol and sulfur, as well as barite, fiberglass, and caustic soda. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and business excellence, AKT Holding continues to lead in the international trading and investment industry.

Important business records:
1- Export projects to Turkmenistan:
– Export of cement
– Export of G-class cement (oil-well cement)
– Export of clinker and iron ore
– Export of wires, cables, pipes, water pumps
– Export of barite, fiberglass, and caustic soda
– Export of transformers
2- Export projects to Uzbekistan:
– Export of cement
– Export of petrochemicals
3- Export projects to Afghanistan and Pakistan:
– Export of LPG to Pakistan and Afghanistan
– Export of sulfur to Pakistan
– Export of petrol and gasoline to Afghanistan
– Gas transit from Azerbaijan to Afghanistan
4- Export projects to Tajikistan:
– Export of petrochemicals
5- Trade projects with India and China:
– Export of bitumen to India
– Import of electric motors from India
– Export of sulfur to China
6- Export of mazut
7- Export of petrol