Petroleum, gas, and petrochemical industry:

Petroleum, gas, and the petrochemical industry is considered one of Iran’s strengths in terms of exports. AKT operates in this industry as one of its professional business domains. The company has 100 capsules for LPG gas transportation, and has developed its export infrastructure to enable fast and efficient transportation. AKT provides customers with raw materials sourced from domestic petrochemical companies and refineries, and in some cases, from foreign suppliers. The products are provided according to customers’ agreements and preferences. International customers can obtain price quotes and technical specifications by calling or by sending a message through the relevant online form.



Different kinds of oil derivations:

  • Petrol
  • Gas oil
  • Bitumen
  • LPG gas
  • Lubricants
  • Paraffin
  • Oil coke
  • Mazut / fuel oil
  • Kerosene

Gas oil:

Gas oil, known as Diesel fuel in French, is used as fuel for Diesel engines and thermal installations. Its hydrocarbon range is between C14 and C25, with a boiling point between 250 and 385 degrees Celsius. Gas oil has a minimum anchoring point of 54°C and a maximum pour point of 0°C. It is composed mainly of three groups of paraffinic, naphthenic, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Its density at 15.6°C is 820-860 kg/m3.
The most important property of gas oil is its cetane number, which needs to be over 50 for the engine to operate quietly.
Diesel fuel is obtained through a unique process of oil fuel distillation and is any liquid fuel used in Diesel engines. Biodiesel, biomass to liquid, and gas to liquid are other methods of diesel production that are increasingly being used worldwide.
Iran produces gas oil in local refineries and exports it to other countries as part of its petroleum export portfolio.



LPG gas:

LPG, which is purer, more eco-friendly, and more economical than petrol and other fuels, can be easily stored in liquid form in small, medium, or large containers. LPG can be transported by truck tankers or LPG vessels. We supply LPG (Propane-Butane) from main refineries in Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan based on our customers’ requirements for road transportation to Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have recently expanded our fleet of vehicles and are now able to supply 1000MT per month. For sea shipping, LPG can be transported from the Persian Gulf to other destinations by LPG vessels.


Iran’s bitumen is of the highest quality in the world. Currently, Iran is the top exporter of bitumen in the Middle East and the fourth largest exporter in the world. This product has been exported to the Middle East, South and East Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Bitumen is a hydrocarbon material with high viscosity and a colloidal structure. It is black to dark brown in color and is completely soluble in Carbon Disulfide and Carbon Tetrachloride. The most important features of bitumen are its impermeability to moisture and water, electrical insulation, elasticity, moderate resistance to acids, bases and salts, and adhesion to other materials.
Petroleum bitumen, which is obtained from crude oil distillation, is the most common type of bitumen produced in the world. They are classified based on the Penetration Grade (standard ASTM-D5). Additionally, this group is able to supply all other kinds of this product according to the customer’s needs.


Iran is the fourth largest oil exporter in the world and has the second rank in gas reserves. Converting crude oil into other products, results in added value.
Due to the huge oil and gas resources, variety and high quality of oil derivatives, and unique geographical location, Iranian oil derivatives hold a special place in the global market and are being exported to more than 15 countries.

Crude oil in the column named “Distillation Columns” decomposed into various valuable components. Oil derivatives that are obtained in the distillation operation have different fractions and include whole range of different fuels.

Arian (Kala Toos) Holding Company in collaboration with the largest refineries of Iran and according to the request of customers is able to produce and export oil products.


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