Great successes will not be achieved but have strong motivations.

We in the “Arian Kala economic development group” are intending to create and trigger the visions like teamwork, finding and discovering the talented ones in our country, and also flourishing deep human relationships more, rather than doing business and creating economic values. If and if such motivations have not been triggered, we have definitely experienced boring business days and have not realized today’s successes. The support of these successes is the continuous efforts of the Arian Kala family. In this holding, we believe that for the growth and excellence of our dear Iran, it is crucial to be successful in the economic fields and to be economically self-sufficient at the international level, which is actually one of the pillars of the territory integrity of each country.

The post-industrial future of today’s world is not determined except by utilizing dynamic business based on information technology.

Yours faithfully, Majid Mohammadnezhad
Chairman of the Board

Majid Mohammadnezhad Executive director and head of directors


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