About Us

AKT Holding

Arian Kala Trading Holding is a well-established company with a history of providing quality mineral and construction materials for export since 1999. In recognition of its success in these domains, the company has expanded its commercial activities to pursue additional business ventures. With a strong commitment to agility, knowledge, and honesty, Arian Kala Trading Holding represents the honesty and integrity of Iranians in international markets.
The company’s name is a testament to its heritage, drawing inspiration from Iran’s rich cultural history. The logo, featuring the iconic Marlik cup, is a nod to Arian goods and serves as a symbol of the company’s connection to its roots.
The abbreviation of the company’s name, AKT, represents the three core values that guide its behavior and business practices both domestically and internationally.
In addition to its commercial endeavors, Arian Kala Trading Holding has made a meaningful impact on the local community through its investment in the livestock and poultry feed industry. This has created over 200 direct job opportunities and further solidified the company’s reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking business partner. As it moves forward, Arian Kala Trading Holding will continue to pursue limitless commercial opportunities and maintain its commitment to providing high-quality services and products to its customers.

  • Customer Orientation
  • Knowledge and specialization
  • Honesty
  • Innovation in services

The abbreviated form of AKT, which stands for Arian Kala Trading, implies the three special values of this holding. Each of them has been this holding’s base of behavior and business in inland and international activities.


چابکی در مدیریت


دانش و تخصص در کار


صداقت با مشتریان



Agility in management


Specialty in the work


Honesty with costumers